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i always cry

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i am loving n powerful n cool and i will get my shit together one day at a time

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Don’t, gouache and pencil on paper, 2013. Na Kim

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The Coalition Zine ►



The Coalition Zine is a digital collective dedicated to putting girls of colour on the map by showcasing female writers, artists, and creators of colour on a monthly basis. The zine was created as a space dedicated solely to girls of colour, a  space where we can share our traumas, opinions, and triumphs with each other and grow together collectively. 

Recently, we got the opportunity to reach a wider audience by having the zine sold at Afropunk Fest ‘14. The only problem is our zine is digitally-based and we need to have printed copies for the zine tent at Afropunk fest. Printing enough copies will cost roughly $250. With this money, we will print enough copies to sell at Afropunk and also at local book stores, etsy, etc.

Having our zine at Afropunk Fest will show other girls of colour that don’t know about us that there’s a space dedicated to them, by people who are just like them. It will inspire girls of colour to create, write, invade creative spaces that people say we can’t be a part of because of where we come from and our skin colour. Help us reach other girls and show them that we are worth it and worthwhile. We have a very short time to raise this amount so please any donation, any amount will be greatly appreciated!

I literally love everything about this zine and I wanna be able to buy a copy at Afropunk so plz donate!

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Let My Baby Stay // Mac DeMarco // 16,581 plays


Let My Baby Stay - Mac Demarco

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